02/ 04/ 17

7 Reasons Why You Should Be Making Your Own Baby Food

You don’t realize how far  down the rabbit hole of parenting you are until you tell your spouse, “Babe, that was an awesome horse sound”, or you walk into you room and you watch your husband hold out your kid “Simba style” and say ” Look Simba, everything the light touches is our kingdom…to the fence line”.

In the daily buzz of parenting, making baby food may not be on the top of your priority list. I want to change your mind and show you how easy it is. You don’t need special tools. If you have a blender/food processor, large pan with a lid and something to mash foods with you’re already set.

1. It’s simple. Steam or bake veggies, slice and diced fruit and throw them in the blender/food processor. Puree and serve. Easier yet, smash a banana or avocado. Making it in bulk is your friend.


2. Introduce family meal time at an early age. By pureeing the same foods you’re having for dinner, you can start the family meal time culture early on. Unplug, talk and eat. Even with your infant.


3. You have control. By making your own food you can control what they are eating, where it is coming from and the consistency. If you think baby is ready for something between purée and solid, make it the way you want it. Want to introduce a seasoning? You can add as much or little as you want.


4. You don’t have to worry about the food you’re giving your child if you see it first. Homemade baby food smells so much better than the jar variety and nothing extra is added.  Unless you want to add extra.


5. Save money. It’s a cheaper option. Treat yourself to that extra coffee. You deserve it.


6. Homemade pouches can be achieved. Mix and match your own combinations. This is not always an option when buying off the shelf. Be warned though, pouches are best in small amounts. Kids need to experience being messy when they eat, it’s vital for their sensory system.


7. Control your portions. You can thaw/make your servings fit you and your baby. Don’t waste an entire container, thaw out a few options at a time and increase as they grow.

We should be able to make better food choices for our babies, and it should be simple!  In closing words, as Mufasa said. “And so we are all connected in the great circle of life.”  Connect with your local farmers or grocery for fresh produce, make some baby food and keep it easy!

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