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A Day in the Life: Teletherapist

A lot has been happening in our household. A new year brought a new part time job for me and a new name for the blog.

As far as the name goes, Miss Morgan Aliana seemed to fit the style of the blog. You can continue to locate the blog in both locations www.slpcaravan.com and www.missmorganaliana.com. I wanted all my social media to be cohesive to make things easier for my readers so now my Facebook page missmorganaliana and my Instagram handle is @morganaliana. All together now!

Ok, enough on the PSA. I started a new part-time job as a Teletherapist this year with DotCom Therapy. I am loving it and wanted to give you a glimpse into my day. What’s a Teletherapist you ask? A Teletherapist simply provides therapy via a licensed therapist using a video chat platform.

7:30am: Make breakfast, start laundry then send GI Joel and Waverlee off to start their days.

8:00am: Make my morning commute to the office a.k.a. my living room. Set up for the day. I compile all electronic materials, apps and tracking sheets on my desktop to be ready for sessions. Check e-mail and correspond with school personal as needed. I have 2 baskets of materials/papers and that’s it. The computer is actually sandwiched between my kitchen and living room so being minimalistic is key.  (Most therapists use an extra room as an office, but no room in this tiny house.)

8:30am-11am: Complete morning sessions with students ranging from Kindergarten-High School. Same articulation and language sessions you are thinking of, just using a different platform to present them. I use my desktop and the iPad, iPad apps are very engaging and work cohesively with my video chat software. I also use a whiteboard feature or can share my screen with my students.

11am-11:30am: Take a lunch, let out the dog and throw dinner in the crock pot. Switch over laundry and return to the “office”.

11:30am-2:30pm: Continue with afternoon sessions and plan for the next week. Begin making a visual schedule for a student.

Photo on 1-20-17 at 11.53 AM

2:30pm Rush off to my other gig to finish out the day.

The beauty of working from home is that I don’t have to leave. I am cutting out the stress of a commute and have complete control of my environment. I can work from my tiny town and service kids across the country. I love the flexibility and working with students again. I love being part of a company that allows me to grow independently as well as grow with their team. Most importantly, I am providing a solution as a speech therapist, not a last resort. For more information about DotCom, their mission and job openings visit their website www.dotcomtherapy.com.

10 responses to “A Day in the Life: Teletherapist”

  1. Briana Schell says:

    Thanks for the article!! I am a military spouse and am highly considering teletherapy due to its flexibility (I’ll Be living in Guam… yikes!). My question for you is, how did you know what states to get your licenses in. I’m licensed in NY and Hawaii, but am worried about the cost of being licensed in more states. Thanks, again!!

    • Morgan says:

      My husband is in the Army Guard so I have taste of how Miltary life can be. I can only speak for DotCom but they pay for the additional licensure required if you contract with a school in a different state.

  2. Bill COnnors says:

    Congratulations : – ) Wishing you continued success. You might want to share with those peers on Facebook at Telepractice for SLPs and SLP Telepractice collaboration.

  3. Addi says:

    Thanks for the post! Are you only responsible for therapy (not assessments or IEP meetings)?

  4. Polline says:

    Great info!! What are your favorite apps to use with the kiddos in each grade group (elementary, middle, high schools)? Never thought to do that.

  5. Amanda says:

    I started teletherapy with an elementary school this year. Parts of the job are great, but trying to manage a group of 5 self contained classroom kiddos with different goals and an inexperienced aid is frustrating and feels like I’m not making and difference for those kids. Do you have advice for large groups?

  6. Kathleen says:

    Who is sitting with the student to help with assessment? Do they have manipulatives and stimulus books there? Do you ever present stimulus pictures from your end/via video? When do you write reports? On your own time or during the work day? When you make visual schedules, do you make physical materials then send them by mail or send digital images for schools to print and assemble? I am so interested in this but have so many questions. Thanks for your input and support!

    • Morgan says:

      I have a facilitator in the room with the students who aids in behaviors or give tactile cues as needed. Yes, I can share my screen or my iPad screen with the student so they see both me and an activity. I send everything digitally and then the school creates the schedule if they choose or if I request it.

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