22/ 03/ 16

Baby DIYs for Baby C

Ahh. The excitement of a baby. That’s the feeling I’m having right now. Excitement, but also a little bit of stock up on everything, joy, fear, anxiety, and make everything you can before you over think about the fact a tiny human is growing in you. Yeah, feelings. These feelings led to DIY projects. And hours on Pinterest and Instagram. No shame.

So here are pics of finished DIY projects I’ve worked on for baby and the links to the tutorials I used, because why re-invent the DIY wheel?


Baby Gym

I have been looking for a nice baby gym, one that is cute as well as affordable. I’m not really finding it. So I made one instead. I couldn’t justify purchasing or registering for a baby gym that I didn’t really like in the first place. This project was simple, cost effective and I can switch out the toys for baby’s interest.


Minor changes to the tutorial: I chose to glue mine together at the top, skip the wooden knobs and add rope instead of chains like mentioned in the tutorial link below. Her option is nice if you want it fold up to take up less room. I purchased my gym toys off of Amazon. I believe with the toys and wood, total project cost was $20.

Helpful hint: Ask the nice people at the hardware store to cut your pieces before you leave the store. Fits in your car, saves you some hassle. Win win.


Changing Pad Cover

Holy smokes, cute changing pads are expensive. Ridiculous. So another DIY project it was. I plan on making another one of these to have as a back up. If you’re local, FM Store in Springfield has great fabric options. I think this project cost me about 8 bucks for fabric and elastic.




Burp Rags

For the price of a bag of Gerber cloth diapers and fabric scraps, these cute burp rags could be yours.


Boppy Cover

Again…why are these so expensive! I believe following this tutorial made my project around 9 bucks. She lied about it taking 30 minutes though. I must not be as skilled as others who sew.




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