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Dining Nook Part 3-DIY Farmhouse Table

GI Joel and I visited the War Eagle Craft Fair in War Eagle, Arkansas this last Thursday. We made this trip once before a few years ago… on a Saturday afternoon…I thought the traffic and the crowd was going to end our relationship for sure. I was SHOCKED when he said he would go with me.

While walking around with a much smaller crowd this time, Joel ran into a ARMY buddy and spent some time with him. While Joel was visiting and getting his salsa fix from Oasis Sweet Heat, I swept through the tents and found this chicken beauty from Polka Dot Pig Primitives.


  The remainder of our weekend was spent at home doing house chores and building a pen. (Joel, Grandpa Chapman and Joel’s Dad built a pen that is). We both spent a Saturday at home which has been rare since we got married. When Sunday rolled around, we went to church and spent the afternoon finishing the dining nook project.   This was my Dad’s area of the project. I now claim the title of curator, as I a have officially completed a project with the outsourced help of Joel and my dad.  My dad welded the base with 2 3/4″ metal piping and added holes to attach. We used carriage bolts, same as the ones from the table top to attach the base.  I sent my Dad a picture from Pottery Barn (A $2800 table) and this is what he built. He did not disappoint.   Boy is this table solid. Like, made me look really wimpy as we carried it into the house, solid. I need to lift weights or build lighter things.

The trough looking like thing above (I’m calling it a trough) was picked up at the Ozark Craft Fair. I even grew the pumpkin in the middle.

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  Shocker, but I am definitely blogging from this table, right this minute. I LOVE it. I even, almost, forgot to lock up the chickens for the night. That kind of excitement around here. Maybe that’s a little ridiculous but there’s no dwelling as it’s almost time for The Walking Dead. I’m just missing some chairs now…


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