04/ 10/ 16

Dock A Tot Review

Clever name isn’t it? When researching for baby products for baby Wave, I stumbled across this beauty on Pinterest. Yep, leave it to Pinterest for baby research.


I honestly scoured for bad reviews on this thing. Want to know why? Because I knew I really wanted one but the price had me a little hesitant. I couldn’t find a SINGLE bad thing said about this product. Nothing. I looked. So many moms and dads gave testimonies of how awesome this item is. And I was sold.


So, months ago this beautifully packaged co-sleeper arrived at our door. Waverlee is 5 weeks old now and we’ve used it every single day.

So let me break down how versatile this little genius invention is. It’s designed to make baby feel comfortable, like still in the womb comfortable. Like there’s  no crying in the Dock A Tot comfortable. It’s won numerous awards and passed above and beyond safety testing. You can read all about it on their website.


So far I’ve used it for her naps and sleeping next to our bed at night (we aren’t co-sleeping with her in our bed). The convenient handles on the side allow for easy access in the middle of the night while nursing.

I have a super handy Pack-n-Play, however if you’re fighting between purchasing one or the other, I might sway towards the Dock. It’s light weight, easy to clean, and you don’t have to worry about folding anything. It’s all one piece and easy to throw in the car or even take on a plane. The Dock A Tot Deluxe is designed for up to 50 pounds and the Grand is for kiddos over 50 pounds. I’ve taken our Dock to my parent’s lake cabin a couple of times instead of grabbing the Pack-n-Play or Rock-n-Play and it’s been flawless. Also makes it easy for going up and down stairs. You already have so many things to pack, why make it more difficult on yourself?

We also use it for our bath time routine. Since I use the kitchen sink right now, I can have her towel sitting on top of the Dock  on my counter and transition her to something comfortable but easy for me to get a slippery baby dry.

So what about cleaning the thing? Because having a baby triples your laundry! I was pretty intimidated to wash the cover to be honest. It looked difficult at first glance. It wasn’t though, easy off and easy on. Just a zip and click of the snap. Just another perk. They have such cute cover options too if you want to buy a spare between washings.

Are you sold now? By far it’s one my most recommended products to have with a newborn. Click the link below to check out all the cute covers, read more about the product and for a discount!


*Dock A Tot generously gave The SLP Caravan a discount for an honest review.

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