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For the Locals: 4 in 417 Land

I’m dreaming of Spring. Starting up the garden again, sunshine and just getting to go outside without bringing half the closet with us. Who knew a 5 month old required so much baggage? Ok, anyone who has had a 5 month old. Got it.

The beauty of living in Southwest Missouri is experiencing all 4 seasons, sometimes all in one day. Right now we are experiencing the gloom of winter. I feel like I’m at the slump of the Bell Curve and climbing that mountain back to Spring is going to take an eternity. Probably being a little dramatic, shocker. So, today I’m thinking of some dreamy places to enjoy this Spring in the 417. If you’re not a local reader, 417 encompasses the area of SW MO from Springfield to Branson and everything in between.

Here are my 4 in 417 to try this Spring:

Persimmon Hill Farm

You haven’t lived if you haven’t had a Thunder Muffin. Persimmon Hill’s specialty, blueberries straight from the farm go into a ginormous muffin for your pleasure. My mom brings them home each summer after she picks up my brother from Kamp. They are fantastic and I am embarrassed to say I haven’t been there myself. Blueberry farms are the sweetest photo opt and berries are even sweeter if you pick them yourself. Of course, they have them ready to buy if picking isn’t your thing. Full disclosure, blueberry season is typically in June/July but they have a restaurant and store too. Blueberry sauce, syrup, mushrooms, etc. Now I need a blueberry scone.

Sequiota Bike Shop

Located across from Sequitoa Park, my sister and I spent several hours walking the trails here in college. They have an open eating area for sandwiches, soup, salads and slushes. A perfect combination of words that begin with “s”. They also have a bar with craft beers and offer dog friendly dining.  Of course there are bike rentals for families including tandem bikes. We have a terribly unsafe place to ride bikes at our house so this would be a nice alternative. 

Sycamore Creek Family Ranch

I had no idea this place existed until a friend posted her wedding photos here. It’s beautiful and located in Branson. I loved their winter events… petting zoo, Christmas tree farm and lately they’ve been having monthly barn dances. 2-stepping people! I can’t wait to see the fun Spring events they come up with. 

Edgewood Creamery

Located in Purdy, MO this Creamery focuses on craft cheeses and old fashioned cream-line milk. They are getting their product everywhere in the area but I fell in love with their store last Spring. The drive out there gives you your farm fix and the store is clean, rustic and offers their products as well as some meat. My husband loved the jalapeño cheese curds and the pork products they sell are crazy good. Best bacon ever. Visit for a dairy farm tour (call ahead) or look for some special events coming up. Last year they had an event with grilled cheese and I missed it, adding it to our list!

Any other suggestions from locals? 



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