13/ 05/ 16

Gender Reveal

We’ve been passing the time. Slowly. It’s beautiful outside, for now, so I’m trying to get out and do things around the shouse. On a side note, I really hope my child greets me like my goats do.

GI Joel has been on a kick watching Bob Ross episodes and Alaska the Last Frontier. I’m not complaining, after all when Netflix takes off MASH what else do you do?

I know what you’re thinking, with all this excitement how could life not fly by? It’s not, it’s creeping because we’ve been waiting several weeks (22) to know baby Chapman’s gender. I have no incling. No profound visions. GI Joel however just “knows” it’s a boy.


 We decided to complete the ultrasound not knowing the gender and then reveal with our families together. There’s just something about the idea of me, in a hospital gown, full bladder and medical equipment everywhere that made me want to keep the experience between Joel and I. Gender reveal party it is.


GI Joel is a lifetime St. Louis Cardinals fan so a baseball theme gender reveal party seemed appropriate.

There’s no crying in baseball, or over your preferred gender…ahem…GI Joel.


For the reveal, I bought plastic baseballs, had Joel saw them open (after my failed attempt with an exacto knife) and made my own Holipowder. Not to be confused with Holy powder. Holipowder is what people toss at color runs, etc.

I mixed cornstarch, water and food coloring together. It’s very thick. I placed it in a throw away pan and baked it until it dried. I placed the chunks in the blender and powder it was.

I filled two baseballs, closed them white electric tape and labeled the bags. My sister picked the right one and brought it to the party. She was the only person pre-party to know the gender.


Classic ball park snacks were on the menu from hotdogs, Big League Chew gum, sunflower seeds and peanuts.


First pitch revealed…..

Now onto a softball game and monogramming everything.


We had 74 friends and family present!



6 responses to “Gender Reveal”

  1. Christle says:

    How long did you cook the cornstarch mixture for? At what temperature?

  2. Kali says:

    Can you tell me where you found the plastic baseballs

  3. Chelsea says:

    So it opens easily when hit even though it’s taped with electrical tape?

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