19/ 03/ 17

The One Secret to Simplicity

It’s your sink.


My house is a huge joy in my life. It’s not the structure necessarily but all of the memories that it holds. We built our house right before we got married, it’s the metaphorical and literal foundation to so many things for me. I love getting to work from home a few days a week, there’s no stress and I have complete control on my environment. I love the feel of coming home after being gone for the day and getting to sit on the front porch and rock. I love to watch the chickens and cows. Home really is the beat that keeps me going.


Now, the pleasant vision I gave you above isn’t how it is every day. Some weeks feel like a revolving door. I constantly fight dust and dog hair. I have a husband and a 6 month old. Maybe this is what makes the simplicity balance so perfect?


I was recently reading the Magnolia Journal about simplicity. Joanna was discussing what helped simplify things in her life. Clean closets, etc. This inspired me to, yes, clean out closets and donate. I even cleaned out from under the beds.


After this euphoric feeling of organized and clean, I was on a roll. I finished off with whole house and realized the one focal point of my simplicity. The kitchen sink. I truly cringe writing this thinking about anything laying in my sink. I honestly can’t remember a time growing up that my mom left anything in the sink over night.


Now, this internal drive to keep my sink clean causes some conflict between Joel and I. It’s mostly a battle he doesn’t know he’s participating in. However, at the end of the day, regardless of how tired I am or what went on I try to make sure that sink is empty and clean.


White, empty  and a clean slate. It makes me happy, less stressed and ready to start the next day. So, I challenge you in the midst of everything that goes on in your life to clean your sink each day. See how it makes you feel and if it adds some simplicity.



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