27/ 02/ 17

The Role I Never Knew I Wanted to Play


Kids were always in my future. The future…back of my mind…distant thought future. However, GI Joel and I started the “Let’s just start trying ” conversation and two months later I had a positive test.



I am a very prepared person. I was thankful, excited and joyful for that positive test, but I don’t think anyone is truly ready if they’re honest. I wasn’t expecting to have little jeans on my clothesline so soon. I didn’t have a checklist prepared and my Type A self hadn’t meticulously organized everything.


IMG_0246 (1)

It didn’t matter though. We we’re having a baby and it was the role I never knew I wanted to play so badly.


We publicly announced we were expecting a year ago and this tiny bit is 6 months old on Wednesday. We love watching her personality blossom everyday.


From this…




…to this in the blink on an eye. From wife to mom in what felt like a blink of an eye.


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