02/ 01/ 17

What’s in my Bag: Diaper Bag Edition

Our diaper bag is a bottomless pit of fun and functional baby products that make our lives easier. I thought it would be helpful to compile a list of my favorite things to keep in the diaper bag here on the blog!



Our diaper bag is the Skip Hop Forma. You can purchase it here. I love using a backpack because it leaves my hands free and it’s easier to position Waverlee. This diaper bag includes a changing pad, mesh removable storage pocket as well as an insulated one. There are plenty of pockets to keep us organized and it’s easy to clean. Check Amazon often for a good deal.

1. Swaddle blanket: The one pictured above is from Flamingo Baby Co. A Canada based shop, all swaddles are handmade from the softest organic cotton. Surprisingly warm for being so thin, they roll up easily into our diaper bag.

2. Sophie the Giraffe rattles: Waverlee got these for Christmas and she loves them. The rattle part is pretty subtle as far as volume, and as an added bonus she enjoys chewing on them. They’re hard plastic with bright colors.

3.Skip Hop Hedgehog Rattle:  The upper portion has a rattle and the belly area is really soft silicone similar to O-balls. We love all things Skip Hop! It’s easy for her to hold and shake.

4.Covered Goods Cover: These are fantastic (the black and white stripe item rolled up) not only for nursing in public but as a car seat or high chair cover. Made from jersey cotton, they are easy roll up and store. Check out their store here.

5. Boogie Wipes: These grape scented (or unscented depending on your preference) wipes have saline in them helping with stuffy noses. The saline is the same stuff in nose drops to help loosen up mucous. They are really big so you can also use them to clean a pacifier, wipe off your phone, etc. Visit the website for a coupon.

6. Busy book: Why do babies love t hat crinkle sound so much? This “Guess How I Love You” busy book is a life saver for us during church service.

7. Teether & holder: Love the wooden teethers from Bannor Toys.

8. Reusable wipes/burp rags: I really love the reusable wipes we have (also from Flamingo Baby Co.) because they’re small and absorbent.

9. Wet bag: Great for dirty clothes or diapers when you don’t a have a trash can near you. I found this one on Zulily.




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